About Green Lake Electric

Green Lake Electric is an established electrical company since 1988.  We work with homeowners, builders, architects and lighting design consultants on a wide variety of projects in the greater Seattle area.  No job is too small (we will come out and change out just a switch or troubleshoot a light that isn’t working) or too big (we can wire your multi-plex).  The owner is a hands on administrator that works alongside the electricians in the field.

 If you would like to find out more information about certain products – we have provided the following links for your convenience.

Electrical Tips

Tip 1

Resetting GFCI

Resetting GFCI (ground fault circuit interuptor) in the kitchen and bathrooms when outlets and lights are not working. You can test your GFI outlets. They are outlets that are typically found in the kitchen and bathrooms and may affect outher outlets and lights. In the middle of the outlet they will have a "reset" and "test" button. Hit the reset button.

Tip 2

Zinsco and Federal Pacific Panels

Theses should be taken out because of safety issues. Please check out more information on the website: www.ismypanelsafe.com